Jumat, 20 Februari 2009


Friendship is like a fragile seed
nestled deep in the earth of caring
showered by rains of thoughtfulness
nutured by moments of encouragement

Then, warmed by the sunshine of hope and purpose
It begins to bloom

It's blossoms growing brighter
it's roots surer
by the hour

5 komentar:

RCO mengatakan...

Yes, you right.
But, what about us? Can we make something like Friendship?

suryaden mengatakan...

indahnya persahabatan, tapi fragile juga yah...
memang harus dipertahankan juga biar awet

attayaya mengatakan...

friendship = teman sekapal ?

friendship 4ever

abang mengatakan...

Persahabatan itu ibarat putaran roda ...
Apabila salah satu rel nya terlepas, maka berhentilah putaran roda itu ..

tonethephone mengatakan...

U + ME = FRIENDSHIP, if any one miss there is no friendship there.