Minggu, 03 Mei 2009


When fear and worry test my faith
and anxious thoughts assail
I just remember : God is in control
and He will never fail.

7 komentar:

JengSri mengatakan...

yeah, you are absolutely right.

Dunia Polar mengatakan...

Seringkali q mengeluh beban q berat
Q berkata pd Tuhan mslh q besar
Tp Dg Iman ku ktkn hai maslh aq punx Tuhan yg BESAR

free ebooks mengatakan...

nice poem. God is the only one we can always rely on.

ajeng mengatakan...

God will answer our prayers, sometimes instanly sometimes God likes to take a time..but there is always an answers!

Miftahur mengatakan...

I agree with you!

Salam Blogger :)

Pandu mengatakan...

nice poem. I like this

buwel mengatakan...

thats right