Minggu, 08 Februari 2009


In the stillness of the morning
before a busy day of care
how sweet to be alone with God
like a candy in my mouth
how sweet to feel His kindness
through His holy word and prayer

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HoneyBUZZin mengatakan...

I am so glad to know dat we are of the same belief. God bless you my sister. Please do continue to update this blog. I have two blogs too and find it so difficult to manage..
Here's my YM address - honey_lyns@yahoo.com
Thank you.Shalom

suryaden mengatakan...

good day start..
means a succesfull day..

attayaya mengatakan...

pagi yang indah
dengan sajadah tempatku bersimpuh
tanganku tengadah
bersama-Mu hari kan kutempuh

attayaya 11 feb 09 23:19 wib

Baka Kelana mengatakan...

be grateful for what the god has given to you by your heart .. so peaceful as it is this

buwel mengatakan...

sweet sweet