Sabtu, 07 Februari 2009


Has been published at Contact Magazine, Second Edition, Number 11, May – June 1995


Like a bird,
it can sing melodiously
Like a priest,
it can speak wisely
Like a dew on the thirsty leaves
it can console broken hearts
Like a sunshine in the morning
it can cheer somebody up

Like the angry fire,
it can burn a heart
Like a liar,
it can make untrue promises
Like a knife,
it can cut
even kill cruelly

Be careful with your tongue
Even though you really hit ont the ceiling,
Try to remain cool as a cucumber
For your tongue can create WAR and PEACE!

4 komentar:

attayaya mengatakan...

memang lidah tak bertulang
tak terbatas kata-kata
tinggi gunung seribu janji
lain dibibir lain di hati

(ini lagu siapa ya?... lupa)

attien... mengatakan...

hmm..... (hihi.. diem.)

suryaden mengatakan...

but it needs to taste delicious cake too

buwel mengatakan...

sama kayak den surya